This page outlines some of the projects I've undertaken in recent years.

LaTeX Ph.D. Dissertation Template (University of Melbourne)

A LaTeX template and skeleton example for a Ph.D. dissertation, satisfying the University of Melbourne guidelines (at the time of writing).
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MATLAB Pre-Processor

Some of the drawbacks of the MATLAB syntax include the inability to use C-style block comments, lack of #includes and the requirement that each function be written in a separate file. The MATLAB Pre-Processor consists of a MATLAB function and PERL script to get around these problems and make MATLAB development much easier and faster.
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John's MATLAB Library

John's MATLAB Library (JLib) is a library consisting of various functions useful for those writing MATLAB simulations. It is structured as a library covering a variety of areas rather than a set of toolboxes. Currently, functions from general utility operations to CDMA wireless specific routines are provided.
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Group Distributed Communications

GDC is a C library that enables processes on networked machines to communicate in a group, with messages being sent in sequence across such groups. IP multicast is used as the underlying transport, which makes it an efficient means for communications in a large-scale clustering environment. Originally written as a short two week undergraduate project, it has now been released under the GPL for general use.
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FFDB-PHP - Flat File DataBase for PHP

Advanced PHP database for those without mySQL or similar dedicated databases. Supports many data types and advanced features through a simple PHP object API. Low-level implementation very efficient with indexes. Example code and database manager supplied.
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W3mon - the WWW Monitor

W3mon is a tool that can be used to monitor a set of web sites. By continually polling such web sites (say, once per hour), the respective webmasters can be notified by e-mail whenever an outage occurs.
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